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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. BE PREPARED, BOUNCE BACK. Do not wait until you are unemployed to figure out how you are going to bounce back.  Get the knowledge now. Register today.


The Get the Job Career Workshop is a 4-hour career development workshop where our attendees will learn how to prepare for a career change, how to prepare and get back into the workforce, or how to prepare for a new career. This workshop is perfect for adults and young adults.

Along with the lecture, our attendees will receive handouts and information that is used throughout the session and it is yours to keep. This booklet contains vital information about the reasons for a career change, the risks, discussion topics, samples and tips, and other vital information. The attendees also receive a folder chocked full of handouts that are designed to reinforce the lecture learned and used to prepare for and obtain a career.

Some of the activities during this session included: participating in a mock interview, selling yourself, scenario discussions, building a personal brand as well as sharing personal career situations and/or experiences. After attending this session, you will walk away with a new perspective on how to proceed with your career endeavors.

When you attend one of our workshops, you will learn and receive:

  • Career Handouts and access to online resources

  • Expert knowledge for one of our Guest Speakers

  • How to Build a Long-term Career Road map

  • Resume/Cover Letter Design and Usage

  • Personal and Professional Branding

  • Learn about Scholarship Opportunities

  • Networking with other attendees

  • Mentoring Services


The Young Adult Career Program (YCP) is a modified version of the Adult Career Development Program designed for middle and high school students.  Preparing them now to build a career road map will enable them to get a head start in the employment sector. In this program, we focus primarily on the following course requirements:

  • STEM/STEAM academic support

  • Life after school, realism activities

  • Talent discovery sessions

  • Learning how to choose a starting career

  • Creating a preliminary resume/cover letter

  • Performing mock interviews

  • Learning early business acumen skills

  • Building an online professional brand

  • Internet safety and use/privacy practices






Previous attendees expressed how the information provided was very informative and beneficial to them.  Since this is an “interactive session”, you will not only able to gain insight into your own situation but also have the opportunity to express your questions, concerns, and experiences as well as learn from others.


We received excellent feedback!  Please read the attendee’s testimonies about what they had to say about our professional services training seminar. If you would like for us to come and hold a career workshop, please contact us at; or click here to submit a request!

“The Career Transition Workshop was a great learning experience. It was certainly informative and I enjoyed attending.”


“The seminar opened my eyes to new techniques and ideas I can use for my career. I hope to attend more in the future.”


“I enjoyed the presenter as well as the information is given. It was very helpful to me.”


“This was excellent!  More people need to attend and see this!”


“If you are looking for a career transition, this seminar has everything you need to know!”


“The presenter was very down to earth, very knowledgeable and understanding.”


“This seminar was great and I will refer to a friend or family member!”


“This workshop strongly prepared me on how to sell myself during an interview.”


“There was a lot of interesting information about resume, interviews, career opportunities.”


“I enjoyed your presentation and you seem to have a beautiful and caring spirit. I definitely appreciate you looking out for “us” and wanting “us” to do and be better. Thank you! Stay beautiful and empowered!”


“The information covered a wide spectrum (resume writing, career transition, branding, etc.). Overall the presentation was excellent. The handouts were great.”


“I appreciated Ms. Ann coming to share the great wealth of information. I am open to learning more about thriving in the workplace. Thank you for sharing this information with us. Please come again.”


“I liked how it was very informative in allowing me to know how to prepare a cover letter, how it should be, and how I should re-invent myself. I liked everything about the workshop and it was very informative.”


“I would like another presentation.” Interactivity, the volume of handouts/resources and variety of subject areas – great  presenter with energy and delivery.”


“Engagement is excellent, open to questions and the format was easy to understand.”


“Excellent presentation. Great start to a long partnership and more presentations. Thank you for the handouts, books, etc.”


“She was very engaging and presented her information with a great attitude.”


“I want her to come again and enlighten us more. I liked the topics, she said it all and performed excellently.”


“Very informative and very clear and presented well.”

Packed with relevant information!  I liked everything. Thanks a million for this presentation. You took the time to really develop relevant and costly material.”


“The workshop was packed with information that every job seeker can use to help transition to new employment opportunities.”


“Very informative and interactive. The materials were available and the experience that was brought to the table was excellent.”


“She involved the group – fantastic.”

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