Teacher & Student
Career & College Mentoring

The purpose of the Adult / Youth Career Mentoring program is a great way for our students to learn more about building a career path and to ensure they choose the right degree for their anticipated career choice. It is also a great way to build self-confidence, and learn new skills.  Individuals who wish to participate in this program must be Maryland or Washington, DC residents.

Mentoring sessions also include:
  •  Goal Planning: - Our learning plan will help students understand how to set realistic S.M.A.R.T. goals that are measurable timetables to achieve their career goals:

  • Research and Development - We will show our students how to conduct an evaluation and research to match their college degree with their chosen industry. 

  • Business Acumen and Leadership Skills - Students will focus on 12 core business acumen skills needed in the workplace: Leadership, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Listening, Communication, etc.

  • Interview/Elevator Pitch Training: -We teach students how to give a proper interview or Elevator Pitch of their skills. Students will also participate in mock interviews that will improve their communication and presentation skills.

  • Resume/Cover Letter Development: -Students learn the fundamental structure of a resume and cover letter,  how to construct a resume/cv, how to leverage it when searching for a new career, and how to build a professional network.

  • Professional Branding - Students will learn how to develop an online, professional brand that represents their expertise and professional skills.

  • Occupational Education and Job Search Strategy: - Our learning plan will teach students about different types of occupations, status, salary information, and risks of unemployment. This mission is to help them choose the right profession in the right industry for their specific expertise. 

Mentoring Sessions is a 1-hour session, held via Zoom by appointment only.  To sign-up, please schedule an appointment.