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Destination Achievers Incorporated (DA) is a Maryland 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides Workforce Development, Community-Based Assistance, and Mentoring to Maryland residents. Our overall mission is to reduce the risk of unemployment and homelessness by providing services that bring about Sustainability. Our goal is to help as many residents overcome personal challenges and build a solid pathway to a successful career plan.


Career Assistance Workshops

Our Get The Job Workshops are designed to help our clients get a job. Attendees receive free Resume and Cover Letter assistance. This program is perfect for anyone who is looking for a job or at risk of losing a job. 

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Teach a Skill Program &
Career Mentoring

The purpose of the Teach a Skill Program  is to help individuals with making the right decision on their degree program or career decision. This helps builds self-confidence that they made the right choice.  Learn more about how to sign up.

Food Packing

Outreach Services

Our Outreach & Resource Service helps provide free needed resources and tools needed to sustain. Contact us and learn how we can assist you.

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Community Support

Help us give back to our community by donating to our support program. Click here to learn more!

Support a Student

When you support our Career services, you are helping our students retain employment.   

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Get Involved

Participating by hosting a workshop, or through Corporate Sponsorship to help support our programs

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